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Learning the static site generator tool called "11ty / Eleventy" built by Zach Leatherman


Hello, my name is Rick and I've been a long time middle/backend developer but thought I should expand my front end skills (or have some to begin with).

Soooo after some exhaustive research on the googles, I have decided to start my frontend journey with 11ty / eleventy built by Zack Leatherman.


I will blog about my journey learning 11ty / eleventy using this domain that was just sitting around doing nothing. As I learn more about how to build all the basics of a website then I will build in some specifics / functionality that match the name of this site. For now, the first handful of posts will be about learning to build a website.


It starts in the year 2021 and will continue for as along as this site is valuable to others. I'm not going to rush my learning on this site so it's a "slow learn". I anticipate that I will write about all the ways that I attract user to this site so for now, I don't have a newsletter but it's down the line.


For now, I'm located in Minneapolis, MN ... oh, you mean where am I hosting this site? OK, gotcha, I have decided to host on Netify since it's the folks there that brought up the Jamstack philosophy.


I think I pretty much said it all above but as a middle / backend software developer for over 20+ years, it's time to learn some new tricks and learning the frontend is scary for me and my brain is already actively fighting me but I'm pressing on.

What I would like to do is eventually be able to create websites without the help of a frontend designer! Being able to do it all is a valuable skill to have so you're not dependent on other people to achieve your dreams.